About Us

Once upon a time there was a girl who dreamed of a time when she would be all grown up and surrounded by sheer deeliteful hosiery, beachwear, intimate apparel and all of the other luxurious accesoirées that little girls dream of. Not so grown up, however, to leave behind her love for teddy bears or candy.

That is how the idea for the Sheer Deelites Hosiery, Beachwear, Intimate Apparel and Accesoirée Shoppe was born, thus turning this girl’s dream into reality!

Welcome to Sheer Deelites, the sweetest little hosiery shop in the land; your total one-stop hosiery, beachwear, intimate apparel and accesoriée shoppe. Where we not only sell hosiery, but all the necessities that will assist in lengthening the life of your precious hosiery and intimate apparel, as well as extra little treats to help complete your overall look.

At Sheer Deelites you will find drawers full of sheer deeliteful hosiery, beachwear, intimate apparel and accesoirées, each filled with the promise of turning your dreams into reality.

Feast your eyes on our high quality, and ever changing ranges of sheer deeliteful hosiery, beachwear, intimate apparel, and accesoriées.

We have colours and textures to complement and enhance any outfit and make every occasion a sheer deeliteful one!

At Sheer Deelites we take pride in supplying you top quality products at the best possible prices. We do extensive research and source our products from fashion capitals from around the world; as well as supporting our own Kiwi businesses and enterprises.
The fun doesn’t end with our top class hosiery range. Check out our exquisite beachwear and intimate apparel drawers, providing girls, and encouraging guys to part-take in, the ultimate ‘eye’ candy shopping experience!

In New Zealand our weather has a major influence on our moods, leisure activities, and of course, the apparel we wear. At Sheer DeeIltes we are very aware of our unique, and sometimes extreme weather conditions, so you will find products to compliment each season's fashion trends, including warm opaques for winter or hot, hot, hot bikinis for summer.

At Sheer Deelites we also have accesoiree drawers filled with sheer deeliteful sweet treats ranging from hosiery care products to bejewelled stiletto heel stoppers and intimate goodies to sensuous soaps and deeliteful candy.

You can shop for labels while shopping for love. For every girl that likes to look good and for every guy who just likes to look!

Our dream for all girls is not to live for ever after in blue jeans, but a dream for them to live happily ever after in Sheer Deelites hosiery and intimate apparel.

Sheer Deelites Hosiery, Intimate Apparel and Accesoiree Shoppe : We're taking the Ho out of Hosiery and Bringing Sexy Back!

Sheer Deelites ... next to your skin, feel the magic begin …..